Living in UK

Four countries in one

The UK consists of four countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each country has its own distinctive qualities and language. English is the main language of communication in the UK, along with other languages ​​present in the area – the Welsh, Irish, Cornish and others.


Weather in United Kingdom

In the UK, pronounced all 4 seasons – winter, spring, summer and autumn. The temperature varies depending on the season, but usually does not rise above 32 degrees Celsius and drops below -5 degrees. It gets dark at about 22:00 in summer and 16:00 in winter.


Multicultural society

United Kingdom – a multinational country, since it is home to people of different ethnic groups. About 8% of the UK population are ethnic minority who migrated from all over the world. While in the UK the majority of the population are Christians, there are also many other religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam. Multicultural influence was the cause of the presence of the variety of international cuisine in the UK. It also had a great influence on music, art, sports, science and literature.


Cultural activities for students

UK Students enjoy discounts for travel around the country, so that they can for a cheap price to travel all over the country. The most important places to visit – it’s Edinburgh and Glastonbury Festivals. For students who are interested in art and culture in the UK is a great option for entertainment as there has more than 2000 museums and art galleries, most of which are free. Sports enthusiasts can take part in many sporting events that are held on weekends, as well as join in various sporting activities, which takes place on campus.


Landscape UK

UK proud of its historic architecture, picturesque countryside, bustling coastal towns and stunning natural attractions. Spectacular scenery UK includes spectacular views of cliffs by the sea, beautiful lakes and rivers, as well as the majestic valleys and mountains.


The lively capital

The lively capital of the UK – this is London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast. While all of these modern and capital have come a long way of development, history and landscape of the surrounding areas have preserved their naturalness and individuality.

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