Pre Departures

Edu-Action will conduct pre-departure briefings to help you prepare for departure and arrival in the UK. At the briefing you will receive valuable information on the following areas:

Going to the UK

  • Visa arrangements
  • Travel arrangements
  • Documents
  • Finance/ Insurance
  • Baggage

Arrival in the UK

  • Passport control
  • Baggage reclaim
  • Customs control
  • Onward journey

Settling in the UK

  • Culture & Climate
  • Accommodation
  • Money & Banking
  • Health & Wellness
  • Shopping & Recreation
  • Travelling & Communication
  • Safety & Security
  • Working

Studying in the UK

  • Orientation & International student activities
  • Organising your study
  • Attendance & Assessment

Getting help


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Our services

Our Services:

  • Providing consultation services on diverse foreign education programs
  • Providing thorough information about junior programs on holiday and all year round, Adult language courses, Primary, Srcondary and Higher Education Programs and others.
  • Assisting in preparing required documents according to selected course demands.
  • Assisting in choice of School and Discipline
  • Visa Support
  • After Departure Support


We offer Wide Variety Education Programs around the World

  • Junior programs on holiday and all year round
  • Adult Language Programs
  • Summer/Winter school programs
  • Primary, Secondary and Higher Education programs
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA Programs
  • Foundation and Pre-Masters Programs
  • Other many more exclusive programs for your taste and choice