Pre Departures

Your Edu-Action counselor will conduct a pre departure orientation session. This session will offer you valuable pointers to help you adapt to the academic, social and cultural environment in the U.S. The focus of this session will be on important cultural and social issues that bring out the nuances of the ‘American Life’. Additionally you will receive information on important issues like ticketing, medical insurance, mobile connection, foreign exchange, travel insurance and the like.

You will have the opportunity to interact with experts from the U.S. higher education system as also with other students enrolled in the same university!

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Our services

Our Services:

  • Providing consultation services on diverse foreign education programs
  • Providing thorough information about junior programs on holiday and all year round, Adult language courses, Primary, Srcondary and Higher Education Programs and others.
  • Assisting in preparing required documents according to selected course demands.
  • Assisting in choice of School and Discipline
  • Visa Support
  • After Departure Support


We offer Wide Variety Education Programs around the World

  • Junior programs on holiday and all year round
  • Adult Language Programs
  • Summer/Winter school programs
  • Primary, Secondary and Higher Education programs
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA Programs
  • Foundation and Pre-Masters Programs
  • Other many more exclusive programs for your taste and choice