Why Edu-Action?

What makes us the number one recruiter?

Focused on you

We know that education is not an end in itself.  Students choose education as a means to fulfill career, family and life goals and your EDU-ACTION counsellor is committed to partnering with you to help you make the right education choices to reach those goals.}

Your counsellor is bilingual not only in language, but in culture, bridging the language and customs of universities and the local language and customs of you and your family.

Trained to offer unparalleled matching skills

Your counsellor is trained to direct you to the right university that meets your needs and dreams. Through our sophisticated counselling process your counsellor will assess academic ability, language competency, and capacity to pay along with less objective criteria such as geographical preference, personality and future career goals.

As a student you will find that you will be paired with a university that is looking for students just like you!


Edu-Action has a corporate policy of honesty and transparency in dealing with universities and students who entrust their future to us.

Edu-Action student service portfolio

  • Course selection
  • University selection
  • Application submission
  • Offer acceptance
  • Visa counselling
  • Tuition fee payment
  • Pre Departure preparation


  • Edu-Action has the biggest range of information about courses and educational institutions in Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea than any other education adviser
  • Edu-Action offers advice across the full range of education including universities, vocational colleges, schools and English courses.
  • Nobody else assists as many students to get an education in Australia, UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea as we do.
  • We know that each student is unique
  • Edu-Action thinks about your ‘whole–of–life’ education not just one course. We can show you a range of options for achieving your long-term educational goals.
  • Edu-Action operates to high standards and offers impartial, professional advice about studying abroad.


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Our services

Our Services:

  • Providing consultation services on diverse foreign education programs
  • Providing thorough information about junior programs on holiday and all year round, Adult language courses, Primary, Srcondary and Higher Education Programs and others.
  • Assisting in preparing required documents according to selected course demands.
  • Assisting in choice of School and Discipline
  • Visa Support
  • After Departure Support


We offer Wide Variety Education Programs around the World

  • Junior programs on holiday and all year round
  • Adult Language Programs
  • Summer/Winter school programs
  • Primary, Secondary and Higher Education programs
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA Programs
  • Foundation and Pre-Masters Programs
  • Other many more exclusive programs for your taste and choice