Easy Steps

Program and University Selection

Your counselor will highlight all the relevant information on the U.S. education system and conduct a detailed analysis of your academic background, work experience, extra-curricular activities, sporting interests, budget restrictions, program and course requirement and career goals. Based on the assessment, your counselor will discuss universities that best match your academic profile, personality and career goals.

Necessary admission tests (SAT, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL)

Most programs in the U.S. require you to undertake an admission test as part of the assessment of your application. Your counsellor will recommend and refer you to tutors and centers where you may take the required tests to meet the admission requirements.

Application Submission

Your counsellor will assist you with compiling your application documents and completing the application forms and thereafter monitor the progress of your application at every stage and track the relevant deadlines.

Receive offer of acceptance

When you receive your offer letters, your counsellor will guide you on acceptance deadlines and additional document requirements.

Submit relevant documents to secure I-20

Once you choose to accept a university offer, your counsellor will help you prepare your academic and financial documents and advise on payments that need to be made to procure your I-20.

Receive I-20

The I-20 confirms your enrollment and allows you to proceed with your U.S. visa application. Your counsellor will check that all the appropriate details are included in your I-20 to enable you to apply for your student visa.

Preparation of documents to apply for student (F-1) visa

Your counsellor will advise you on the visa regulations and help you compile your visa file. You will also receive assistance with making the relevant visa application fee payments and booking your visa appointment with the U.S. Embassy.

Appear for visa interview at U.S. Embassy

Appearing for the visa interview at the U.S. Embassy can be a daunting experience. Your counsellor will offer you first hand advice on what you can expect to help you prepare for the interview.

Prepare to study and live in the U.S.

Your EDU-ACTION counsellor will have you participate in a pre-departure event that will have U.S. university experts talk to you about the academic, social, cultural and sporting life in US universities. In addition, you will receive guidance on important issues such as foreign exchange, accommodation, insurance, medical requirement and online registration of courses.

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Our Services:

  • Providing consultation services on diverse foreign education programs
  • Providing thorough information about junior programs on holiday and all year round, Adult language courses, Primary, Srcondary and Higher Education Programs and others.
  • Assisting in preparing required documents according to selected course demands.
  • Assisting in choice of School and Discipline
  • Visa Support
  • After Departure Support


We offer Wide Variety Education Programs around the World

  • Junior programs on holiday and all year round
  • Adult Language Programs
  • Summer/Winter school programs
  • Primary, Secondary and Higher Education programs
  • Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA Programs
  • Foundation and Pre-Masters Programs
  • Other many more exclusive programs for your taste and choice